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Elham Saudi


Elham Saudi is the director of Lawyers for Justice in Libya.

As Director of LFJL, Elham has worked on fact finding alleged human rights violations in Libya in the period since 15 February 2011. She has advised a number of Libyan, European and international bodies in relation to the conflict in Libya, including the National Transitional Council in Libya on a number of matters of international law, including drafting of its guidelines for opposition fighting. As part of LFJL’s Destoori project, she accompanied a team of Libyan lawyers and social activists, who travelled to over 35 communities across Libya in order to engage members of the public in discussions about the upcoming constitutional drafting process.  

Elham has been a keynote speaker at various events including at Chatham House and ‘Milestones in International Criminal Justice’, on several panels at the Hay Festival Beirut, discussing women’s rights in Libya, as well as the end of dictatorship and the road to democracy and at the event ‘Through the Lens of Nuremburg: the International Criminal Court at its Tenth Anniversary’. Elham’s media appearances include BBC World Service, Radio 4, Channel 4 News, BBC News and Al Jazeera.

After finishing her degree in Arabic and Modern Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Oxford, Elham studied law at Nottingham Law School. Elham practised commercial law at Slaughter and May, a leading corporate law firm in the City of London, from 2003 to 2010.  In that period, she had a finance practice and her clients included Arsenal Football Club, Cadbury plc, Whitbread plc, COLT, and the World Bank.

She completed an LLM in International Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies in 2011, obtaining a Distinction. Her focus was on international human rights law and international humanitarian law, with her dissertation entitled “The ‘Protected Revolution’: The Libyan Uprising and the Responsibility to Protect.”

Elham is also an Associate Fellow in the International Law Programme at Chatham House, an independent policy institute based in London.

Elham is fluent in Arabic, English and Spanish.



Chloe Dennis

Director of Programmes

Since joining LFJL as an intern in February 2014, Chloe has worked to promote a legal system that protects and strengthens the rights of all Libyans. Through the Destoori project she has sought to ensure that the Libyan constitutional drafting process was inclusive and representative of the needs of Libya’s people and communities.

Chloe has co-authored, edited and produced LFJL’s Destoori Report and Recommendations, as well a several commentaries which provide detailed reviews as to how Libya’s constitution lives up to the expectations of the Libyan public, constitutional norms, and Libya’s international human rights obligations.

As Director of Programmes, Chloe oversees the organisation's overall budget and financial management, events and communications and supports programme development. Chloe is working with Libyan civil society organisations and activists to carry out joint advocacy activities to ensure human rights are sufficiently protected in this cornerstone of Libyan law. 

Chloe holds an LLB and a Master’s, in Medical Law and Ethics, from King’s College London. She has previous experience in the civil liberties department of a leading London solicitor’s firm. 

Thomas Ebbs 

Director of Research

As Director of Research, Thomas collaborates with LFJL’s new Research Department to carry out activities which shed light on the human rights situation in Libya. Thomas intends to produce reports that highlight new and innovative strategies to protect human rights in the country.

Thomas joined LFJL in June 2012, supporting LFJL’s flagship constitutional project Destoori as its initial Project Coordinator.  Thomas has since assumed several management roles within LFJL, including Acting Director, Deputy Director and Gender Equality Programme Coordinator. Thomas has played a key role in the development and implementation of a wide variety of LFJL’s projects, including Sawti, La Mubarir, and human rights archiving activities.

Thomas previously worked in Cambodia, providing assistance and advice on rights issues that disproportionately affect women, such as the abuses faced by migrant domestic workers and those employed in the garment sector. Thomas has worked with several human rights NGOs, including the Community Legal Education Center and the Cambodian Center for Human Rights, as well as for esteemed human rights campaigner Mu Sochua.

Thomas holds an LLB in Law from the University of Sussex and went on to obtain an LLM in Human Rights, Conflict and Justice from the School of Oriental and African Studies which was awarded a Distinction. Thomas is currently a Doctoral Student at the University of Sussex, undertaking research regarding the legal strategies of civil society organisations.

Riad Alakar

Tripoli Office Coordinator and Legal Researcher

Riad joined LFJL in 2014 as Freedom of Expression Researcher, working to support key legal reports and analysis produced by the Sawti (‘My Voice’/ ‘My Vote’) project.

In his current role as Tripoli Office Coordinator and Legal Researcher, Riad is responsible for carrying out research on the ground, ensuring that key information supporting LFJL’s activities remains accurate and up to date.  Riad helps coordinate LFJL’s work and communications with local partners, playing a key role in facilitating collaborative activities.

Prior to joining LFJL, Riad established a civil youth movement in September 2011, which emerged out of the student enthusiasm during the February 17 uprising. Riad holds a degree in Law for which he ranked second in his graduating class at Tripoli University. He also holds a Master’s Degree in International Law from Tripoli University.

Riad is fluent in Arabic and proficient in English.

Aml El- Houderi

Advocacy Programme Coordinator 

Aml initially joined LFJL as an intern in 2012. She then went on to become LFJL’s Junior Researcher. Her research helped LFJL submit Urgent Appeals to the UN Special Rapporteurs in response to grave human rights violations in Libya, including attacks on activists, journalists, media institutions, vulnerable groups and acts of torture and ill-treatment

In her role as the Advocacy Programme Coordinator, Aml engages with intergovernmental organisations including the UN Human Rights Council, the European Union, and African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights. Aml regularly attends the UN Human Rights Council’s sessions to engage in resolutions concerning Libya and to update key stakeholders on human rights issues in Libya.

Aml works closely with Libyan NGOs to facilitate their engagement with intergovernmental organisations and to support their capacity to carry out their own advocacy efforts. She is the Coordinator of the Coalition of Libyan Human Rights Organisations and has worked closely with the group to engage in Libya’s Universal Periodic Review.

Aml holds a degree in International Relations from Queen Mary, University of London. She is also studying for an MA in Human Rights Law from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Aml is fluent in Arabic and English.

Laura McDonnell

Transitional Justice Programme Coordinator 

Laura McDonnell joined LFJL in February 2017 as Transitional Justice Programme Coordinator. Laura is working with multiple stakeholders who have documented human rights abuses in Libya to establish a new system to improve information sharing and reporting on human rights violations. 
Prior to joining LFJL, Laura worked at the Dialogue Advisory Group (DAG), a Dutch NGO. At DAG, she worked on multiple projects including to establish a dialogue on security with armed groups in Libya, to assist in the establishment of a truth and reconciliation commission in Sri Lanka and to coordinate DAG’s annual conference on peace and justice. Laura previously worked for the Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK, dealing with data protection law. 
Laura has a Master’s degree in Public International Law from the University of Amsterdam, where she graduated cum laude. She also holds an LLB in International Law from the University of Hull, and received a Diplôme de Droit Français from the Université Pierre Mendès France in Grenoble.

Ali Agab Nour

Legal Advisor 

Ali Agab Nour joined LFJL in August 2015, where he provides legal assistance by assessing and building strategic litigation cases and conducting research across LFJL's programmes. In addition, he provides training to Libyan lawyers on international and regional mechanisms for protection of human rights.

Ali is a human rights lawyer by training. He has previously worked as a litigation lawyer and legal aid coordinator for torture prevention projects in Sudan. He has also worked closely with REDRESS as a program coordinator in Sudan, and has worked on issues of law reform, torture prevention and strategic litigation with the African Centre for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS), as a researcher and advocacy advisor.

Ali holds a BA in English Language from the University of Khartoum, an LLB and a GDL in law from the University of Alneelain, and an LLM on Human Rights, Conflict and Justice from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS).

Ali is fluent in Arabic and English.


Elise Flecher

Advocacy Programme Researcher 

Elise joined LFJL in February 2017 as Advocacy Programme Researcher.  She supports the Advocacy Programme by conducting research and by monitoring the human rights situation in Libya. She assists the Advocacy Programme Coordinator with identifying advocacy priorities and the development and implementation of advocacy strategies. To that end, Elise works closely with LFJL’s partner organisations and other stakeholders, including intergovernmental organisations and NGOs.


Before joining LFJL, Elise gained practical experience of the functioning of international organisations through two legal internships at the United Nations, first in New York and then in the field with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Kosovo.


Elise holds a Master’s degree in Public International Law and International Administration from Sorbonne Law School and an LL.M. in Human Rights Law from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Elise is fluent in English and French.

Khadija Elboaishi

Gender Equality Researcher 

Khadija joined LFJL in August 2017 as Gender Equality Researcher within LFJL's Department of Research. In this role, Khadija monitors and conducts research on human rights in Libya, focusing on issues relating to women and gender equality. As well as reviewing human rights developments and the legal framework on key issues, she works to investigate the Libyan public's point of view on its rights and freedoms, including in relation to equality and non-discrimination. Khadija's research feeds into LFJL's work across its programmes, including its reporting and advocacy, and informs its strategy.

Alongside her work with LFJL, Khadija is a professor of international law and human rights at Tripoli University and the founding member of a number of organisations working on the human rights of women in Libya. She has a graduate diploma from the University of Tripoli where she specialised in international law and a master's in International Law and Human Rights from Keele University in the UK.

Khadija is fluent in Arabic and English.

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