Become a Destoori Guide

LFJL is looking for active, enthusiastic, and confident individuals who are passionate about social reform in their country to train as Destoori Ambassadors. They will be the key link between the people and their constitution.


Destoori Guides will be key figures in Destoori, in charge of carrying out many of the project’s core events and activities. During the Rehlat Watan bus tour, Destoori Guides will travel across much of Libya and make stops to hold discussions and community events. These will demonstrate the importance of the constitution building process and highlight the choices that Libya will face in the future. Destoori Guides will also interview attendees in order to understand their expectations and core concerns regarding the upcoming constitution. This information, along with the Destoori Guides’ experiences during the tour, will be used to help draft recommendations to the Constitutional Drafting Committee.


This role will involve traveling to various locations across Libya from Mid-September to Early October. Provisional destinations include: Benghazi, Al Baydah, Darnah, Tobruk, Ajdabiya, Al Jofrah, Sirte, Misratah, Al Khoms, Sebha, Al Kufrah, Tripoli, Al Zawiya/Sabratah/Sorma/Al Aielat, Gheryan, Zintan, Cabou/Jadu/Yefren, Ghadames, Zwara, Al Gmeil-Regdaleen, Tarhouna - Bani Walid, and Nalut. 


Length of Appointment: Both 3 months or 1 year fixed duration contracts available. 


Time Commitment: Prior to the Rehlat Watan bus tour (10th Oct 2012), Destoori Guides are required to attend a 2 day training event. During Rehlat Watan, a commitment of 6 days a week will be required. Post Rehlat Watan, 5 days a week. 


Desired Requirements/Qualifications

  • Women are strongly encouraged to apply to these positions. Special measures will be undertaken, such as ensuring a male companion, if necessary. 
  • Applicants for the 1 year position are required to be qualified lawyers with at least 2 years of experience. 
  • Applicants for the 3 month position are desired to be qualified lawyers or experienced social activists. 

Support: Training for this position will be provided 


Remuneration: Competitive 


This is a paid position. If you are interested in becoming a Destoori Guide, send your CV and letter of interest to


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