Rehlat Watan - Day 4 - Tobruq


25 November 2012

Day 4: Toubrouk was a wonderful stop in which the Destoori team engaged with citizens actively exercising their right of free assembly! We discussed with them their main concerns and what their aspirations for a new Libya are. Key amongst these were economic a social rights, issues surrounding natural resources and a demand for government accountability. The team also stopped at the central hospital and spoke to patients and staff about issues as diverse as healthcare and equality rights. We thank the people of the city for sharing so much with us. We also thank the residents of Taknes, a town on the road to Toubrouk, for sharing their concerns about housing, education and healthcare with us. 


During Rehlat Watan's stop in Tubruq, Destoori Guide Huwaida Shebani visited Tubruq Hospital and had a candid conversation with a hospital patient's mother regarding citizenship and the right for equality of all nationalities in Libya. Do you agree with the patient's mother? What is your interpretation of citizenship? What rights should non-nationals have?





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