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#EveryHumansRights Campaign

5 December 2017

Human rights are under threat.

Across the world human rights are being portrayed as luxuries, nonessentials, and afterthoughts. When considering countries like Libya, many decision makers at the domestic, regional and international level are keen to push the idea that human rights can come later or that they will destabilise the peace process.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Human rights are fundamental and inalienable parts of everyone’s existence; from your first till your last breath, you have them. They are universal; they are owned by all and should be equally accessible regardless of where you live. They are legal obligations on states; entitlements that all countries need actively to protect, enforce, and fulfil.

A state that devalues human rights, by seeing them in any way as a luxury, is a destabilising force. They are treating populations and groups as less that human.

The #everyhumansrights campaign is a collective effort to reverse this dehumanisation in Libya.

It is an effort to protect our work that we have carried out over the past five years and which has made a difference to hundreds of lives. We believe that now more than ever we need continue our efforts to protect the rights of everyone.

We want you to join us in spreading this message. Tell people why human rights are more important than ever. Pledge your support to our mission by donating. Volunteer to help us.

You can be the difference.

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