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LFJL Applauds the Supreme Court of Libya’s Decision on Law 37

27 June 2012


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LFJL Applauds the Supreme Court of Libya’s Decision on Law 37 

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) applauds the Supreme Court of Libya’s decision on the constitutionality of Law 37 of 2012 .  Law 37 criminalises and provides prison sentences for the glorification of the dictator as well as publishing any news, propaganda or rumours which “harm the 17 February revolution”. 

Today, in the first judicial review of a law passed by the National Transitional Council (NTC), the Court ruled that Law 37 was unconstitutional under the NTC’s Constitutional Declaration of 3 August 2011.  The challenge to the law was submitted to the Supreme Court of Libya by several distinguished lawyers and the review of the law’s constitutionality began on 3 June 2012. 

“Today marks a historical day for justice and the rule of law in Libya,” said LFJL director Elham Saudi.  “The decision made by the Supreme Court today, especially in light of the attack on the Court and the intimidation of some of its judges yesterday, not only demonstrates the Court’s commitment to the protection of the fundamental right to freedom of expression but it marks a first and vital step towards instilling confidence in the Libyan judicial system, a system which today asserted its independence and moved closer towards affirming the rule of law in Libya.  This step must form the basis of the next phase of Libya’s democratisation process and serve to ensure that human rights and the rule of law are enshrined in Libya’s new constitution,” she added.

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