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LFJL's Human Rights Photography Exhibition

8 December 2017

LFJL’s Human Rights Photography Exhibition is the result of Libyan photographers’ willingness to witness and narrate personal stories of people affected by everyday struggles, including human rights abuses. The exhibition explores the role of independent documentary photographers in understanding the human rights abuses taking place across Libya and becoming advocates for social change. 

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The collection features a range of images that shed light on human rights shortcomings while also sending a message of hope: Mohammad Ben Khalifa’s powerful testimony of the migrant deaths; Abdulraof Ben Madi’s depiction of the internally displaced persons’ suffering Nader Elgadi’s documentation of the destruction of religious and historical sites; and Nazhia Alarebi’s portraits of children and violence are only some examples of abuse and neglect. Important reminders of hope and the rights and freedoms hard won and in need of protection can be found in the images depicting women voting for the first time, children attending school despite their school building crumbling and women speaking out during protests, among others. 

Each exhibiting photographer, through his or her lens, is an ambassador of the ongoing struggle for freedom of expression in Libya, with their own personal story of life as part of the new generation of human rights defenders.


Aimen Ashur 
Abdulraof Ben Madi 
Blqees Bnani 
Essam Alfitouri 
Emad Mankousa 
Ibrahim Alagouri 
Mohamed Ben Khalifa 
Nader Elgadi 
Naziha Alarebi 
Taha Krewi 
Taha Jawashi

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