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Lawyers for Justice in Libya and the Jolie Legal Fellows Program Celebrate the Conclusion of Rehlat Watan Constitution Tour

8 January 2013

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) joins the Jolie Legal Fellows Program in celebrating the successful conclusion of the Rehlat Watan Tour, part of the Destoori Project. Destoori aims to educate Libyan citizens on the constitution-making process, to engage public opinion, and to create a connection and sense of ownership between the Libyan people and their constitution.

Angelina Jolie - Founder of the Jolie Legal Fellow Program
“We are very proud of Destoori and the opportunity it has given us to reach out to Libyans across the country, in every region, and to speak to Libyans about their genuine concerns, their fears and their aspirations for the constitution. We believe that Libya’s constitution must be written by all 6 million set of Libyan hands and represent the voices of all Libyan citizens. Rehlat Watan has brought us closer to that goal,” said LFJL director Elham Saudi. Angelina Jolie added, “I am thrilled that the Jolie Legal Fellows Program is partnering with Lawyers for Justice in Libya and the Destoori project to bring the conversation back to Libyans’ desire for a constitution informed by the will of the people.”
In addition, LFJL is thrilled to announce that Ms. Huwaida Shibani, a Libyan lawyer, was chosen as the first Libyan Jolie Legal Fellow.  Jolie Legal Fellows are lawyers and attorneys sponsored to advocate the development of human rights in their countries. Huwaida’s activities will focus on promoting the development of an inclusive constitution and ensuring that human rights provisions are complied with. “Huwaida is an exceptional woman with an indomitable passion for human rights. I am hugely excited that she will be our first Fellow in Libya.  She will achieve great things for her country,” said Jolie. 
Huwaida has been accompanying the Destoori team on the Rehlat Watan tour as a Destoori guide. Rehlat Watan is a nationwide constitutional tour that has visited more than thirty Libyan communities in order to raise awareness about the importance of the upcoming constitution and to poll their opinions. The tour would not have been possible without the support of the Jolie Legal Fellows Program.
“We are proud of all the support we have had for Destoori, including that from the Arab Human Rights Fund, The Global Fund for Human Rights, The Oak Foundation, The Open Society Institute, The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, and our collaboration with the Jolie Legal Fellows Program. Their support made the Rehlat Watan tour possible and the partnership with the Jolie Legal Fellows Program has marked an important and unique opportunity for a very talented Libyan lawyer to join our team,” remarked Saudi.
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