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Meet the writer Nour Al-Huda Abdul-Hamid Qario, one of Abber’s winners

06 august 2015


Discover Noor’s short story “When a Girl Has No Rights” and read our “interview with the artist”.

Follow the link to discover her work, which has been published on

Arabic version

English version


Meet the filmmaker Siraj Ben Mousa, one of Abber's winners

27 JUly 2015


Discover Siraj's short film "Human" and read our "interview with the artist".

Follow the link to discover "Human": 

Human by Siraj Ben Mousa - YouTube link


Meet the photographer Nader Elgadi, one of Abber's winners


22 JUNE 2015


Discover Nader's work "The cycle of Libyan freedom of expression" and read our "interview with the artist".

LFJL proudly announces Abber's winners


14 May 2015


LFJL is proud to announce the winners of the first edition of ‘Abber, our human rights expression competition:

Writing category: Nour Alhuda Abdelhamid Griyo

Visual art category: Nader Elgadi

Audio-visual category: Siraj Suleiman Ben Musa

The three winners are each awarded a MacBook Air and will have the opportunity to present their talent at an international level. Keep following our page to discover more about the artists and their excellent work!

We would love to thank all the talented Libyans who submitted their entries and our amazing panel of judges that assisted us in the selection process. Stay tuned for next year’s competition!



LFJL announces the launch of The Sawti reports


15 aPr 2014


Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is proud to announce the launch of a series of three monthly reports on freedom of expression in Libya and to publish the first report today. The Sawti reports are based on LFJL’s ongoing research and monitoring of the freedom of expression situation in Libya. The reports examine the development of this fundamental right throughout Libya’s modern history, focusing on the impact of legal reforms that have occurred since 2011. The first report can be accessed through the following link.


LFJL launches 'Abber, the Sawti Human Rights Expression Competition


5 SEP 2014


Lawyers or Justice in Libya (LFJL) is proud to announce the launch of its Sawti Human Rights Expression Competition Abber (which means “express” in Arabic). This arts and literature contest seeks to encourage debate on human rights issues in Libya and promote creative expression through different forms of media.

The ongoing deterioration of the security situation in Libya has had a severe impact on the enjoyment of freedom of expression. Journalists and media workers have been repeatedly targeted for the nature of their work. This has resulted in assassinations, kidnappings and violent attacks on the premises of media stations. Recently, in August 2014, workers from both Al Barqa TV and Al-Assema TV were reportedly abducted while carrying out their assignments. The studios of Al-Assema TV were also attacked and ransacked. In response to such security threats the content of news reporting has become increasingly politicised. As a result, self-censorship and selective news reporting of events have become widespread practices which undermine rights to freedom of expression and freedom of information.

‘Abber hopes to create space to encourage freedom of expression during this uncertain time. It offers an excellent opportunity for Libyan journalists, writers, photographers, film-makers, and singers to engage with human rights issues and showcase their extraordinary talents. Leading experts in the field will consider submissions and there will be the opportunity to win fantastic prizes.

Through ‘Abber, LFJL seeks to emphasise the value that freedom of expression and other human rights offer to Libyan society. Elham Saudi, LFJL Director, said “Peace and democracy are built on the respect of fundamental human rights such as freedom of expression. Ensuring the protection and promotion of this right should be a key priority for all Libyans and should be actively encouraged by the newly established House of Representatives.”

Click here to find out more about ‘Abber and how to participate. Spread the voice!


 Join us and send a letter to your representatives


15 AUG 2014


Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) invites our fellow Libyan citizens to join us in a new democratic initiative aimed at making our voices heard by the newly elected House of Representatives.

LFJL recently published an open letter recommending actions that the House should take when commencing their activities. LFJL called on the democratic representatives of the Libyan people to take action to address the current security situation, tackle the widespread impunity for human rights violations and criminal activities, and ensure that the separation of powers is guaranteed.

LFJL requests that our fellow citizens do the same. It is important for the House of Representatives to hear directly from their constituents, as this will encourage them to act on behalf of their interests. We are therefore launching an online system that allows citizens to sign and send letters directly to their district’s representative(s).

This system will allow citizens to bring to the attention of their representatives the things that really matter to the people they represent. LFJL hopes that many will make use of it and choose to hold their representative answerable.

LFJL has created a video to launch this new democratic initiative. It uses highlights from our previous Sawti campaign, which invited voters to share their recommendations to candidates for the House of Representatives during the June elections. You can see what they thought was important below:




Click here to deliver your voice to your representative. You can add your own recommendations, as well as choose any of the ones made by LFJL, and send them to the representatives of your district.


  LFJL launches Sawti to promote freedom of expression in Libya


15 MAY 2014


Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is proud to announce the launch of Sawti (which means both ‘my voice’ and ‘my vote’ in Arabic), a new and dynamic initiative aimed at promoting and protecting freedom of expression in Libya in order to enable the enhanced enjoyment of this fundamental human right.

Freedom of expression has been under constant attack in Libya over the past few years. LFJL expressed its concern in previous statements about this negative trend, which has seen those who have expressed their opinions suffer violent retaliation, often carried out by armed non-state actors. Worryingly, the Libyan government has also passed a number of laws that infringe the Constitutional Declaration and its international commitments with regards to the right to freedom of expression. Notably, Law 65 of 2012 and Law 5 of 2014 have significantly undermined freedom of expression principles by unnecessarily regulating peaceful assembly and criminalising criticism of the state and its authorities.

LFJL director, Elham Saudi, said: “The adoption of these laws contradicts not only Libya’s international obligations, but also its own Constitutional Declaration and the citizens’ efforts to make Libya a truly free and democratic country. By restraining freedom of expression, the government has undermined Libya’s transition to democracy.”

Sawti aims to reverse this negative trend by bringing freedom of expression into the spotlight. It aims to engage with citizens at all levels in order to promote the right to freedom of expression and encourage its protection by national institutions. It will carry out several activities to raise awareness of this essential right among the public, including videos, art exhibitions, student debates, and a competition for both written and visual works on human rights-related issues. It will also review and advocate for the reform of legislation that fails to protect this right adequately and for a constitution and law which expressly protect it. Saudi added: “Freedom of expression is the right to be yourself, whatever your gender, nationality, religion, ethnicity or political opinion. Sawti’s goal is to remind the public of the importance of this basic truth.”

To learn more about Sawti, click here.

To know about Sawti’s activities, click here.

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To contact the Sawti team, click here.


Here is the first Sawti video. Watch it also on LFJL social media channels and on Libya Al-Ahrar.







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