Student Debates

Are you a student? Are you passionate about human rights and, in particular, freedom of expression? Are you just curious and wish to know more about this right?

Then don’t miss your chance to participate to the Sawti student debates!

Sawti will visit schools and universities across Libya and set up debates where students will be able to discuss the right to freedom of expression and how its limitations can affect their everyday life. We will ask them to consider also the obligations that the exercise of the right raises.

These debates will be a chance to learn something new, refine your communication skills, improve your CV and, most of all, have great fun!

If you want Sawti to come to your school or university, contact us here, telling us also why you are passionate about freedom of expression and what do you think you and your school or university will gain by participating to the debates.

More info on the debates will be coming soon.


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