The Libyan International Network for Knowledge Sharing


LFJL launches LINKS!

We are excited to announce the launch of the Libyan International Network for Knowledge Sharing (LINKS), a network of young enthusiastic and motivated Libyans present in the Diaspora.

To initiate its journey, LINKS will start in the UK where LFJL has its main office outside Libya and will aim to serve as an international networking hub for Libyans studying in British universities. Through LINKS, LFJL seeks to assist young Libyans in making the most of their experience, academically, professionally but also personally, while in the UK.

To that end, LFJL will offer support based on its expertise in a wide range of topics, which will be tailored and adapted to the wishes and needs of the LINKS members, throughout the academic year and beyond.

Such support will take the form of talks, workshops and career advice as well as social and cultural activities, with events taking place on a monthly basis. It will also include one-to-one trainings upon request and LFJL will be happy to facilitate work experiences for those interested!

LFJL hopes that LINKS will encourage the young generation of Libyans to get together and share their views, hopes and objectives for a new Libya, while building their own network and career.

LINKS aims to contribute to building a Libya which embodies human rights and the rule of law, creating a society committed to justice. LINKS is about working towards a future Libya in a friendly environment while building a strong international network.

Tell us what your needs and expectations are as a LINKSer by filling in this form so we can determine how to best help you!

Welcome to LINKS - we are thrilled to have you join us as the first generation of LINKSers!