“It is difficult to explain Libya in a two-minute news segment or even an opinion piece in a newspaper, and so we thought we would help fill the gap with a podcast that could give the Libyan story the necessary nuance sometimes missing in international coverage”. Elham Saudi, Director of LFJL.


Following the offensive on Tripoli in early April and the subsequent renewed media attention on Libya, LFJL is extremely concerned about the apparent lack of a human rights perspective in the mainstream coverage, which reflected the dominant narrative of security and political stability at the cost of human rights and accountability.

The media have a massive impact in setting the tone in specific situations and have the potential to support democracy efforts and promote sustainable peace. Their coverage has direct consequences on how the public opinion perceives and understand a certain issue, both in a positive and negative sense. Very often, distortion of facts does not happen willingly, but because of the media agenda and the priorities of the news cycle. This often results in crucial aspects of a conflict, such as its impact on civilian lives and rights, being overlooked.  This is particularly worrying when applied to a context like Libya, with an ongoing conflict, an inconsistent approach by international actors, a divided population and a polarised national media environment.

We decided to challenge this narrative and bring a human rights perspective to the table.

libya matters: a new perspective on libya

Hosted by Elham Saudi and Marwa Mohamed, LFJL's Head of Advocacy and Outreach, every week Libya Matters will focus on an overlooked and neglected aspect of the Libya story. In a casual conversation intended to bring a candid insight, guest experts explore issues of justice, human rights, the rule of law and much more. Libya Matters aims to challenge the mainstream coverage of Libya and focus on under-reported parts of the Libyan story.

Libya Matters is made possible by LFJL’s partnership with International Media Support (IMS).