Lawyers for Justice in Libya

محامون من أجل العدالة في ليبيا

What We Do

Since our incorporation as an organisation, LFJL has consistently sought to defend and promote the human rights of everyone in Libya. As we work in an environment that rapidly evolves on a daily basis; we implement strategic, innovative, and flexible activities that seek opportunities to create long-term impacts. In this way we continue to be able to make differences that are life changing for many individuals and benefit Libyan society as a whole.

Our activities are also designed to be holistic, each complementing the outputs of another, to result in harmonised outputs and impacts. This ensures we make use of resources efficiently and are able to achieve substantial results, well beyond what is anticipated of an organisation of our size. We seek to frequently include opportunities for collaboration, experience sharing and capacity building in our activities, as we strongly believe that the joint efforts of civil society organisations are necessary to ensure Libya’s transition is ultimately successful.

Latest News


LFJL heads to Geneva for the UN Human Rights Council

This week, LFJL's Advocacy & Outreach team is in Geneva to work around the UN Human Rights Council. This mission is part of our advocacy efforts to call for a serious commitment and concrete actions to achieve justice and accountability in Libya. Last week, LFJL's Head of Advocacy & Outreach Marwa Mohamed attended the UN Security Council session and briefed it on the current situation in Libya, specifically focusing on three main issues: the impact of the conflict on women, the use of enforced disappearances and torture, and the discriminate attacks on civilians and civilian objects. Read Marwa's intervention.

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