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‍This Ramadan, stand up for human rights defenders at risk in Libya.

April 14, 2023

This Ramadan, stand up for human rights defenders at risk in Libya

Justice –  عدالة  

This is a word we’re all familiar with, a reality we’d all like to see in our lives and around the world.  

In 2011, Libya witnessed the seeds of justice after decades of widespread and systematic human rights violations under the Gaddafi regime. The uprising birthed a dynamic civil society movement, where Libyan activists and human rights defenders stood up for their freedom of expression and for their communities. More than a decade later, civil society is at dire risk, with human rights defenders being especially targeted through violent attacks, enforced disappearances and silencing.

Justice is at the root of our work at LFJL. We are committed to human rights and preserving civic spaces in Libya, helping to protect those at risk when impunity for human rights violations runs rife.  

What is the Ali Nouh Fund?

In 2021, LFJL created the Ali Nouh Fund as a tribute to one of LFJL’s earliest partner and a dear friend, the late Ali Nouh. Ali Nouh was a father, a husband and a man who spent his life dedicated to fighting for justice and human rights in Libya, especially advocating for the Tawergha community.  

“Despite the difficulties of life after his passing, I do my best to raise our children knowing that their father dedicated his time, efforts and life so that the people could obtain their rights. He died before that was realised, but to me, his colleagues and those with whom he worked for the sake of justice for Tawergha, he did not die.” – Basma Elsayeh, Ali Nouh’s Widow  

What will your donation support?

The Ali Nouh Fund provides emergency assistance for human rights defenders in Libya who are under threat and targeted for their work. Our campaign goal will provide up to £4,000 each for at least five human rights defenders at risk in Libya, providing them with urgent support, such as emergency medical fees; living and relocation costs (accommodation, food, utility bills, transport); psychosocial support; emergency legal support and family support.  

Every penny donated goes towards those at risk – no money goes towards our admin or any other LFJL work.

This Ramadan and beyond, use your donations to be in solidarity with defending human rights and justice in Libya. In this month of sadaqah, keep Ali’s enduring legacy of standing for human rights and justice by donating and supporting our Ali Nouh Fund.


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