Launching ‘Justice in Libya: A civil society perspective’

March 1, 2023

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) in partnership with the Atlantic Council’s North Africa Program are proud to launch its new platform Justice in Libya: A civil society perspective’ – a space dedicated to highlighting Libyan civil society expertise and experience on promoting accountability, truth and justice.

This hub is dedicated to promoting a perspective that is increasingly being silenced – Libya’s Anti-Cybercrime law published in September 2022 is just one example of recent ambiguous restrictions that curtail civil society's freedom to operate. Meanwhile, Libyan activists, journalists and public figures are being abducted, tortured and disappeared, and women in civil society face exacerbated threats of violence.

Libyan civil society urgently need the space to operate freely and safely. The international community must listen to their voices and prioritise their expertise in the global policy arena if they are to challenge this worrying development.

Through this hub, over the following eight months LFJL and Atlantic Council will be publishing a series of informative civil society perspectives on a range of key human rights and democracy issues in Libya, highlighting the human side of the conflict and lessons learnt during the past 12 years of civil society operation in Libya.

Check out ‘Justice in Libya: A civil society perspective’ here.

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