LFJL launches first human rights e-learning platform for Libya

Adala Academy is the first e-learning platform in Arabic specifically dedicated to learning about human rights issues in Libya.

November 26, 2021

LFJL launches first human rights e-learning platform for Libya

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is thrilled to announce the launch of its Adala Academy E-learning Platform. Adala [meaning “justice” in Arabic] Academy is the first e-learning platform in Arabic specifically dedicated to learning about human rights issues in Libya. Through the Academy, LFJL will deliver sustainable and impactful training courses on a wide range of key human rights issues to its partners and other key stakeholders.

The first course on ‘’Documentation of Serious International Crimes in Libya’’ started on 15 November 2021. LFJL selected 20 participants who have started studying international legal frameworks for documentation and who will learn about principles of documentation, how to develop a documentation methodology and documentation plan, and basic skills for conducting interviews with victims and witnesses. The course is designed to engage and enable participants to learn through a combination of tools, including video lectures from experienced experts, selected reading materials, practical exercises, live online sessions and regular one-to-one meetings with LFJL staff and other experts.

“Libyan human rights defenders, activists and journalists often have the most direct access to victims and firsthand witnesses. Their role in documenting violations and crimes is critical for current and future accountability and justice processes. They need our support, including by giving them the tools to document in a way that is professional, of high quality, in line with international standards and accessible,’’ said Elham Saudi, director of LFJL.

Graduates of LFJL’s Adala Academy will obtain a certificate and be invited to participate in an in-person workshop to apply in practice the knowledge gained through the Academy and will be mentored by LFJL and Academy faculty following the workshop.

‘’The platform is very engaging and enjoyable to use. It contains readable content, videos, opportunities for discussions and questions. The course content is short and useful, and its presentation is excellent. This allows for a very easy and smooth experience. I hope that the platform will continue and succeed in training and strengthening more human rights defenders in Libya and the rest of the Arab countries.” said Ali Ali Asbali, President of Libyan Crime Watch, a participant in the first course.

The faculty team of experts for this course includes representatives from the International Criminal Court, academics and other international legal experts, a former member of the UN Panel of Experts on Libya and highly experienced human rights researchers.

Mohamed Youssef, Lawyer at the Defense team at the ICC, and one of the faculty members, said:

‘’ Documenting grave human rights violations and serious international crimes for accountability purposes is challenging and requires an understanding of relevant legal frameworks, procedures and processes. This course is an invaluable contribution and provides a solid foundation for documenters in Libya to tackle this challenging task.”  

Future courses offered by LFJL’s Adala Academy will focus on the documentation of sexual and gender-based violence committed in Libya; tracing of assets of suspects of serious international crimes, including corruption, committed in Libya; as well as a more general course in English on understanding human rights in Libya, designed for those working on human rights and international justice issues in Libya, such as representatives from the UN, ICC, national war crimes units, diplomats and non-governmental organisations.  

Participation in the online courses is free, but limited to selected participants, and LFJL will issue calls for applications for participation for future courses on its website and via its social media channels.

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