Libya Matters is back for season 5

February 21, 2024

Welcome to season 5 of LFJL's podcast Libya Matters. In this ten-episode special, we cover all things Women, Peace and Security (WPS) in Libya and around the world as we welcome guests from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iran and other Global Majority countries to lead the conversation.

Why are we talking about WPS now? Libya and other conflict-affected contexts around the world are at critical junctures. At the same time, conflict and human rights abuses hit women and girls the hardest and women's rights are increasingly under threat. In Libya, rumours of elections, the recovery process for the Derna floods, and the closure of the UN Fact-Finding Mission and the crackdown on civil society raise urgent questions about gender equality and rights.

Join us as we explore topics such as the feminist movement in Libya, women in African leadership, gender apartheid, violence against women and girls, and political participation of women.

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Listen to season 5 here:

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