Libya Matters: LFJL launches its weekly podcast

July 17, 2019

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is thrilled to announce the launch of its weekly podcast "Libya Matters", covering all matters in Libya and why Libya matters.

The story of Libya is a complicated one, and the coverage in the international media has often focused on questions of politics and security at the cost of considering issues of the rule of law, justice and human rights. This has been particularly apparent since the start of the latest offensive on Tripoli in early April 2019, where the focus of the media has, at times, lacked an in-depth look at key legal questions.

LFJL Director, Elham Saudi said:“We have been working for justice and human rights in Libya since 2011 and have witnessed how the limited perspective of mainstream media coverage prevents people from truly understanding what is going on in the country and where we are today.”

Launching a podcast on Libya in English invites the international community to consider its narrative on Libya and to understand the situation from a justice and human rights perspective.Through informal and accessible conversations, Libya Matters aims to challenge the mainstream coverage of Libya and focus on under-reported parts of the Libyan story. “It is difficult to explain Libya in a two-minute news segment or even an opinion piece in a newspaper and so we thought we would help fill the gap with a podcast that could give the Libyan story the necessary nuance, sometimes missing in international coverage,” noted Elham Saudi.

Hosted by Elham Saudi and Marwa Mohamed, LFJL's Head of Advocacy and Outreach, every week Libya Matters will focus on an overlooked and neglected aspect of the Libya story. In a casual conversation intended to bring a candid insight, guest experts explore issues of justice, human rights, the rule of law and much more. Libya Matters will host experts including Wolfram Larcher, Tarek Megerisi, Emad Badi, Hafed Al-Ghwell and Laila Alodaat and feature insights from Pablo de Greiff, Hisham Matar and Ian Martin.

Listen to the first episode, "How the Cookie Crumbles", on Spotify, iTunes and all other major platforms now. We will release a new episode every Wednesday - make sure to subscribe so that you don't miss any.

Libya Matters is made possible by LFJL’s partnership with International Media Support (IMS).

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