News: LFJL call on Libyan authorities to guarantee support for communities affected by Storm Daniel

September 12, 2023

Our thoughts are with the victims and communities affected by Storm Daniel that has ripped through the city of Derna, reportedly killing over 2,000 people with many more missing.

Witnesses have described the floods sweeping whole neighbourhoods with their residents into the sea, with inland water level had reaching three metres.

We urge the local and national Libyan authorities to fulfil their duty to provide immediate assistance to affected communities, including by providing shelter for those internally displaced and aiding search and rescue operations.

As is common in emergency and disaster situations, civil society on the ground are on the front lines, often leading rescue efforts and providing victims with aid. In the context of Libya's ongoing civil society crackdown of activist individuals and organisations, this life-saving role is becoming increasingly challenging, if not impossible.

We urge the Libyan authorities to enable and cooperate with civil society first responders, and in the longer term to support reconstruction efforts ahead.

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