Suppressed and marginalised: Systematic violence against civil society in Libya

LFJL sheds light on the experiences of Libyan civil society who increasingly are operating at risk.

March 25, 2024

In its latest report 'Suppressed and marginalised: Systematic violence against civil society in Libya', Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) document a troubling reality of escalating violence against civil society organisations and human rights defenders (HRDs) in Libya. The research reveals they are facing a worsening onslaught of challenges, from harassment and smear campaigns aimed at discrediting their vital work, to enforced disappearance and torture. Furthermore, the situation is only worsening.

This report draws on detailed conversations, interviews and questionnaires with 69 civil society actors across Libya in 2023. The data reveals a shared narrative of systematic persecution. All respondents reported either being victims of human rights violations and serious international crimes or witnessing such violation of rights among their colleagues and peers.

“The level of violence and obstruction of HRDs and rights groups in Libya is disgraceful. These groups are being targeted for merely uncovering the heinous crimes committed by the authorities and their militias before local and international forums. Instead of targeting human rights groups, the Libyan State must uphold its international obligations and respect and protect people’s rights to freedom of expression and association.” said Mohamed Elmessiry, Head of Research and Capacity Building at LFJL.

The report provides recommendations to the Libyan state, the UN and its member states, and social media platforms on ways to ensure progress towards addressing and overcoming the current situation.

Read our new report in English and Arabic.

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