*LFJL Celebrates the General National Congress and Launches Destoori

August 9, 2012

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) joins Libyans in celebrating the first session of the General National Congress (GNC). The first session of the GNC represents another crucial step towards a democratic Libya governed by the rule of law. In celebrating this remarkable and unprecedented achievement in Libya’s history, LFJL reminds the GNC of its most critical task of the coming months: overseeing the constitution-making process.

“The constitution represents a unique opportunity to write a new, democratic contract between the people of Libya and the Libyan state based on a foundation of respect for the rule of law and the rights of all citizens,” said LFJL Director, Elham Saudi.

After decades of authoritarian rule where the will of the Libyan people was suppressed, the participation of Libyans in the constitution-making process will be vital to its success and legitimacy. “It is absolutely essential that Libyans, all Libyans, have the opportunity to participate and engage in the constitution-making process and that the GNC foster a sense of ownership of the process amongst Libyans,” said Saudi.

In order to encourage widespread citizen engagement, generate public awareness and gauge national opinion, LFJL is proud to announce a new and dynamic campaign: Destoori or ‘My Constitution’. Destoori will be centred on a bus tour, ‘Rehlat Watan’, of more than twenty cities and towns around the country. LFJL will train and employ 3-4 young Libyan lawyers and social activists who will act as ‘Destoori Guides’. With our local team of Destoori Ambassadors, young volunteers from around the country who are passionate about the future of their country, the Destoori Guides will be responsible for carrying out interactive events, including town hall discussions, Q & A sessions as well as games and other engaging activities. Throughout the campaign, Destoori Guides and Destoori Ambassadors will conduct surveys of the population on the constitution-making process which will form the basis of a report on key recommendations that will be delivered to the Constitutional Drafting Committee. This will ensure that the expectations of Libyans will be considered.

Destoori aims to form a crucial connection between Libyan citizens and their constitution. Destoori campaign posters, such as the one featured at the end of this statement, send a strong message from the Libyan people to the General National Congress to “Be careful, this is My Constitution.” It will not only be a Constitution for the citizens of today, but also of generations to come.

“The constitution will be the single most important document on the future of the rights of the Libyan people and it is vital that Libyan people have a voice. The constitution must be a document made for them and by them. The Destoori project will help to guarantee that it is,” added Saudi.

To learn more about Destooriclick here

To join the Destoori Team and become a Destoori Guide or Ambassador, click here.

To find a Destoori event in your town, click here.

If you are in Tripoli, join us at our first event, Karbash Destoorik” or Scribble your ConstitutionTo jump off Destoori, LFJL will be holding Kharbash Destoorik Graffiti Competition on 11 August at 11 p.m. in Bab Ben Gasheer, Tripoli. Four of the most talented Libyan graffiti artists will battle it out to design and create works of art depicting some of the most crucial rights including Justice, Freedom, Dignity, and Equality. – event details here.

For dates and information about Rehlat Watan, click here.

To contact the Destoori team, email us at destoori@libyanjustice.org.

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