*Lawyers for Justice in Libya embarks on Rehlat Watan – Journey of a Nation

November 21, 2012

Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL) is thrilled to announce today’s launch of the Rehlat Watan Constitutional Tour of our Destoori campaign from the birthplace of the 17 February Revolution, Benghazi. Rehlat Watan, or 'Journey of a Nation,' is a mobile event which aims to connect the people to the constitution-making process and to give them an opportunity to voice their concerns and be heard. Rehlat Watan will be making stops at several Libyan cities and towns including Benghazi, Al Baydah, Darnah, Tobruk, Ajdabiya, Al Kofrah, Jalu, Zliten, Misratah, Al Khoms, Sebha, Al Kufrah, Tripoli, Al Zawiya,Sabratah,Sorman,Al Aielat, Gheryan, Al Azizia, Zintan, Cabou,Jadu,Yefren,Nalout, Ghadames, Sabha, Zwara, Al Gmeil, Regdaleen, and Tarhouna. 

“Libya’s journey towards a democratic future has been remarkable thus far,” stated LFJL Director Elham Saudi. “Libya was able to liberate itself from a brutal authoritarian regime and accomplish fair and transparent elections in only a short period of time. But this journey does not end at the voting booth. The constitution-making process will be the most critical period in determining the future of the rights of the Libyan people. The people need to be excited, motivated, and willing to defend their rights. The constitution should address all of the concerns, and enshrine all of the rights, of the Libyan people regardless region, religion, race, political affiliation or gender”, added Saudi.

Rehlat Watan will provide a forum for learning, conversation, and, we hope, change. At each destination, members of the community will be invited to participate in a “Constitution Day”. The Constitution Day will include games and activities, educational materials, and Q&A sessions, aimed to engage citizens in the constitutional process, their rights, and their role in ensuring their constitution reflects their aspirations. LFJL Destoori Guides Ahmed Aleker, Dania Anwar, Huwaida Shebani, and Khaled Al-Abbar will be travelling on Rehlat Watan, carrying out the events and initiating the dialogue with people.

“As a Libyan citizen, I wish to have an active role in contributing to developing strong capacities and spreading constitutional culture”, said Destoori Guide Khaled Al-Abbar. Destoori Guide Huwaida Shebani decided to join Rehlat Watan in order “to contribute to building awareness around constitutional matters and to assist civil society in developing its understanding of the constitution building process”.  Destoori Guide Dania Anwar is looking forward to “engaging in a constructive constitutional dialogue and contributing to laying the foundations of human rights and freedoms in the future Libyan Constitution”.  Destoori Guid Ahmed Aleker says he is excited to participate effectively in the process of Libya's democratic transition”. 

The Destoori campaign kicked off with two constitutional themed competitions targeted toward the Libyan youth.  This week LFJL hosted the Same’na Destoorik Music Competition in Tripoli where Libyan singers, musicians, and rappers performed original music pieces related to constitutional rights. Voting  has begun on our Facebook page! For pictures from the Same’na Destoorik Music Competition visit in this photo gallery. LFJL also held the “Karbash Destoorik” Graffiti Competition in August in which Libyan artists competed through graffiti to depict constitutional rights. You can see the photos from the event here

Be sure to get involved with your local Rehlat Watan event! Find out when Rehlat Watan will visit your town by following our Facebook page and Twitter. We will announce the next stop shortly before we arrive!

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